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Dear Mr Lindsay,
I am still watching My Family and It makes me laugh and I’m so proud that you are (As me) a Derbyshire lad, and even better that you are a R A M S fan (as I am although I’ve lived 42 years in Holland I have a RAMS banner outside the front door of my flat,
Thanks Robert for you great and very comical acting

Posted by Brian Gamble • Jun 1, 06:05 PM

I hope to have the Privilege of working with you on the POL-FORCE project. I think it is Awesome that you are willing to take the time to read the Story and possibly help me get it made into a successful TV show.

Posted by John Antony Dunne • Jan 15, 03:36 PM

This website is very good

Posted by lina • Jan 11, 02:10 AM

Hello Robert. It’s nearly your birthday and mine will soon follow. I will never forget my birthday this year, 3 Jan. My lovely daughter, Natalie, arranged for me to meet you at the Savoy in the break between the matinee and the evening show for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. You weren’t too well but you came out to meet us. Thank you. Love and best wishes, Lynn

Posted by Lynn • Dec 3, 06:36 AM

I had the privilege of watching Mr. Lindsay’s portrayal of Captain, Sir Edward Pellew. The only real character of the Hornblower saga. Commodore Pellew commanded a ship at the Battle of Lake Champlain in New York. And was known to have dove into the water to save one of his ship’s company. As a U.S. Navy veteran of 20 years, I can say that I would have been honored to have been able to serve under Commodore Pellew. And very likely, Robert Lindsay’s portrayal was true to the man.

Posted by Thomas Nessman • Sep 16, 03:48 AM

Mr Ben Harper cracks me up everytime. . I can’t believe how much u remind me of my husband in (MY FAMILY) ND Zoe reminds me of myself.. I could watch ur show for hours.. Ur acting is superb, ur blunt retorts, sarcasm, wit.. makes me proud to be a Brit in South Africa. . Ben Harper is a funny man.. nd we love him to bits.. also adore the entire cast… keep strong my friends nd please do not shut down (MY FAMILY) We look forward to it out here in Africa. . Just hearing the British accents is enough…
With Love From Africa. .. serena nd family

Posted by serena Hosking • Jul 22, 01:39 AM

I have been a fan of you for a long time and all the things I have seen you in you are fabulous and you get better and better. My niece loves you so much , she adored you in My Family and your autobiography is amazing. Long life and happiness to you.

Posted by Leigh Jackaman • Mar 14, 01:05 PM

Hello Robert, together with our son, we had the great pleasure of watching the performance of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels last Saturday evening. What a brilliant, funny, touching and thoroughly entertaining show it was. After the performance, we went to the stage door in the hope of catching a glimpse of you and perhaps a photo or autograph. We were lucky enough to meet Bonnie and Alex, but sadly did not meet with you.
Our son George was particularly disappointed, as he has long been a great fan of your work and was desperate to meet you. I wonder if it may be possible for you to send him a short message? We could then print this off and attach it to the Theatre brochure that we bought, it would really mean the world to both George and us.

Best wishes Amanda and Tom reynolds

Posted by Amanda and Tom Reynolds • Mar 2, 04:10 PM

Hi Robert,
Myself and 4 friends saw Dirty Rotten Scoundrels last night. Was a bit wary as I love the film but have to say that it was fantastic. Great set and design, fantastic cast and performances, really good fun night. And I hope I could have a fraction of your energy – and I’m not even 50 yet !! Thanks for a wonderful evening

Posted by mark brimble • Feb 25, 01:33 PM

Greeetings from Hungary!

Posted by tom55 • Dec 22, 12:06 PM

Hello Robert,
Just been watching ‘Extras’ again with my daughter (the one with you in) and I was telling her about ‘Citizen Smith’. I have never seen it since it was on tv in the 70’s. Would you be able to tell us why it hasn’t been repeated (maybe it has and I’ve not seen it). I would love my daughter to see it – you are such a diverse actor. She finds Extras funny because that’s exactly what I do now I’m retired. Kind regards, Linda

Posted by Linda Hedley • Dec 18, 08:32 PM

I took my 12 year old daughter to London today to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels…she is a HUGE fan of My Family and Spy and loves Robert Lindsay! She was not disappointed :-) We both smiled and laughed throughout the entire show, it was wonderful. The entire cast, as well as Mr Lindsay, were superb. The work and effort and commitment that must go in to a show like this (by all of the cast and crew) is impressive and very much appreciated.

Posted by Kate and Hayley • Aug 15, 08:35 AM

Hi Robert, Thanks for taking a few minutes after the show on Saturday 28th June to have your photo taken with me. It has given a lot of pleasure not only to me but the whole family! Finally.. had a photo and met (briefly)with my famous namesake! Best Regards Robert Lindsay P.S. we loved the show and thanks also for signing my book!

Posted by Robert Lindsay • Jun 29, 08:41 PM

I recently finished reading your autobiography, which I really enjoyed. It motivated me to buy GBH and watching it again is as magnificent as I remembered it being.

Shame it’s too late to catch your performance as Hamlet, but shall be seeing you in “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” next month with my daughter Sara as her birthday treat.

Best wishes to you, your family and the DRS cast x

Posted by Susan Waters • Apr 20, 05:08 AM

Mr Lindsay,
I’ve seen today’s matinee – what a ball we had, the lady sitting next me and I. She came from Surrey, I’m from Hamburg, we both didn’t know each other, but came to sit next to each other and also came just to see this show, and we left in the end with our sides aching of laughter! I had feared I wouldn’t like it because the film is my favourite and was the one that mostly influenced my life, it made me love the English language (long story!)… but oh no! The musical version is so very different and yet so much the same, the decorations are perfect and the little details (adored the bushy “hats”!), so I loved it instantly! Thank you for this performance, Mr Lindsay, and also for everything you did so far which I had the chance to watch in Germany – I just discovered Citizen Smith and GBH on DVD, but loved Hornblower and My Family and lots of other appearances already. By the way, nice German accent, wunderbar! I wonder what it sounds like if you played a German seriously… probably most convincing. Stay the way you are and keep on playing wonderful characters. We know you can, be it comedy or drama.

Thank you for being you.

Posted by Daniela Faber • Mar 23, 04:37 AM

Dear Robert

What a wonderful show! Thank you and the cast for giving us such a terrific evening on 11th. Just magic to see a great musical return to the West End of London at the Savoy theatre.
On a personal note. One of the cast came out and mentioned to us that you are a real genius in your talent! Did we need telling?? Of course not!
Everyone reading this message – trust us, this is a MUST SEE SHOW!!
We will certainly come again. Wishing you all a continued success, and a long run!
With our love
Wendy and Alan

Posted by Wendy and Alan • Mar 14, 07:08 PM

Hello from America. Love your work in the Hornblower TV series…I watch it on YouTube every now and again. Perhaps I’ll see your work in person the next time I come to England.

I’d love to see you work with Karl Pilkington. The contrast would be amazing.

Posted by Paul • Feb 19, 01:56 PM

Dear Robert, your performance today was brilliant. Since your early days in the Tooting Popular Front, to present day – your skills and professionalism shine through. Thank you and the cast for a very entertaining show – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – Stan / Rose / John

Posted by Stanley Bode • Feb 16, 04:56 AM

Hi Robert. Welcome to the North of England again the weather is a bit different from when I said “Is it Robert Lindsay?” on the deck of the Queen Mary last August when we where about to sail out of Southampton. Hope the opening night in Manchester goes well for you and the cast tonight we are intending to see the show some night over the next week or so just recovering from Prostate Biopsies yesterday and get the results next Tuesday 18th fingers crossed. We loved your talk in the Queen Mary Theatre especially the part where Micheal Jackson asked you to say goodnight to Bubbles on the phone, so funny. A lady who we where sat with at the dinner table on the cruise was Lynn Shaw her daughter Lucinda Shaw was in the Bodyguard Musical then left to join Tim Rice’s From Here to Eternity sadly that is closing in March her mum Lynn has just flown in from Sydney for a few weeks and we are hopefully going to get her up to Wigan away from all the floods around the Thames area. Anyway good luck tonight and don’t literally break a leg.
Best wishes.
David and Susan. D. (Queen Mary 2013) xx.

Posted by David Darbyshire. • Feb 12, 09:07 PM

Dear Robert, I am originally from Ilkeston, and went to school with Lorraine. I used to live next door to your cousin on Millfield Road. Anyway, I now live in California and like you still have a strong interest in our old town. I get really upset about the way Ilkeston has been destroyed by demolition of the historic buildings and particular the ring road. I know over the years that you have been outspoken about the same. The last time I went back (last year) I visited one of my favorite places, the library and read part of your first book – I was so touched by your reference to your mum and dad. Apart from our mutual interest in our home town we have another thing in common, “storytelling” which I think it is a component of being brought up in Ilkeston. Anyway, I have written a book which I am about to self publish on Amazon. I would dearly like some help with a quote or two from someone prominent and wondered if you would be interested in reading half a page of my work in order to accommodate this. It is a light hearted humourous novel about a hitman. Anyway, either way I wish you and your family all the best for 2014, and your continued success in acting and in writing.

Posted by Lorretta Clarke (nee Matthews) • Feb 7, 11:00 AM

Dear Robert
Am sure that you will not be at all surprised to read that we have already purchased our tickets for ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ at the Savoy theatre!!
We wish you all a long and happy ‘run’.
Love Wendy and Alan
Wendy and Alan
Wendy and Alan

Posted by Wendy and Alan • Jan 14, 10:32 PM

I love My Family I wish that My Family has more dvd we live in Connecticut usa but we have season 1-4 We enjoy watching my family

Posted by Rita Stevenson • Dec 29, 05:14 AM

Happy birthday for the 13th Dec. I have just uploaded This Is Your Life to YouTube – I hope you are OK with it – it’s good to see Joyce and Norman again.
Almo2504 on YouTube.

all the best

Posted by Alan Morley • Dec 14, 09:47 PM

Happy Birthday Robert, hope you’ve had a great day.

Can’t wait to see you next year in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Sue xx

Posted by Sue • Dec 14, 07:34 AM

Happy Birthday, Robert, and all the best. Good luck with Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels. I hope to see it.

Posted by Liz McIntosh • Dec 13, 11:46 PM

Hi Robert
just to wish you a very happy birthday from an old Gladdo school colleauge.

Posted by Roy Goff • Dec 13, 07:05 PM

Hello Robert!
Happy Birthday! Make a wonderful day of it. I Bought resently in Amazone “Jericho” serie 1 and I’m dying now to see serie 2. So I try to order it, but it’s only for the American market. Can you help, Robert?
With love

Posted by Angeline Steurbaut • Dec 13, 06:24 PM

Robert, just saw you on have I got news for you, and wondered if you where wearing yellow lenses in your glasses for a reason, are you dyslexic and if so does if help with reading?

Posted by Neil • Dec 3, 04:24 AM

Hi Mr Lindsay. I love your work. You are a comedy genius. Be it Get Some In. Citizen Smith. Nightingales. My Family. All endlessly entertaining. Thank you so much for the many hours of wonderful comedy and laughs. All the best to you and the family sir. Stay well! :)

Posted by James Ferguson • Nov 29, 08:22 AM

Dear Robert

Lovely news that you will once again be appearing in another play in London next year.

We look forward to seeing you at the Savoy Theatre in ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’

You will know that we wish the play every success.

See you soon.

Love to you, Rosie, and the boys.
Wendy and Alan

Posted by Wendy and Alan Williams • Nov 5, 11:49 PM

Looking forward to the book sir. It is good to see a fellow Ilson man doing very well indeed. I first remember seeing you in Citizen Smith on stage when I was a very small child. My grandparents took me whilst we were at the seaside.
You inspired me then and still do today. You are a credit to our town.
When I was young I sat with my grandparents and their best friend “pop Lally” and he told me about the days that you were in wind in the willows with my dad. He told me about staring in Ilkeston theatre group with my mum and dad.
I hope to read about all of this in your book as I know all of this shaped you and continues too today.
Best of luck with it young man.
Hope to see you in “the horseshoes” in the future.

Btw… Ilkeston fair this week. No fights, what a surprise.

Kindest regards
Dave Hall

Posted by Dave Hall • Oct 20, 07:24 AM

Dear Robert
We very much enjoyed watching your one-to-one interview with Susan George last week.
We appreciated the honest and frank way that you spoke about your childhood and family life, and how you climbed the ladder to the success you are today! Although Susan was very interesting too, we would liked to have heard more from you! Are we biased??
Nevertheless, a lovely new format to conduct interviews – two well known people for the price of one!
Love to you, Rosie and your boys
Wendy and Alan

Posted by Wendy and Alan • Oct 18, 07:43 PM

Ayup Mr. Lindsay,

My aunt & i just watched you along with Susan George on Sky Arts ‘Living the Life’. It was the best one of this series so far!
My aunt is from Ilkeston & her maiden name was Bagshaw, and so she was captivated when you were talking about your childhood & time in Ilkeston.(She wants to open a bottle of wine with you!)
All my mum’s side came from Ilkeston & my greatgrandfather had a cafe called Fred’s Cafe in Ilkeston as well.
Anyway, overall we all really enjoy your work you do on tv – Keep it up!

Posted by Russ Henderson • Oct 11, 02:37 AM

Hi Robert,

I just finished watching the Hornblower series for the second time. I originally watched it when it was first run on A&E over here in the States years ago.

Brilliant job portraying Pellew! Competent, tough, yet underneath a man that cared for his crew and wasn’t afraid to get in the boat and row if that’s what it took. A real leader. We need more of him around in real life, on both sides of the pond.

Oh, and imagine my surprise to find out you are the star throwing head spy on SPY (catch it on HULU). I’m not sure I’d follow him, but he’d be great at parties!

Take Care

Posted by Thomas Fazekas • Sep 29, 04:12 AM

Dear Robert

Firstly let me say that you are a remarkable and talented actor. I admire and appreciate you work.

You really make the characters you play so engaging. I really love your performance as Ben Harper in My Family. I must’ve been a fun role, huh? Can’t wait the see more of your work.


Posted by Melanie Joan Ontong • Sep 11, 05:02 PM

Hi Robert

Greetings from Virginia, USA. Have recently relocated here from Northumberland and have found a channel that screens “My Family” nightly. Am really enjoying watching you in it and is helping me combat my homesickness for England.
All the best with your writing projects and thanks for bringing so much enjoyment to my family and I!
Enjoy the rest of your Summer
Joanna :-)

Posted by Joanna Snitzer • Sep 1, 02:27 PM

Dear Robert,

“Spy” comes on TV in Germany in September. Finally! I am looking forward!!! And I love your role in “My Family” and your role as Onassis….sigh

Lovely Greetings


Posted by Sandra • Aug 26, 01:41 AM

Dear Robert

It is good to read that you are into some very exciting projects.
We look forward to reading about all the issues that are in the pipeline. Interesting that you have been writing too!
Quite understand that you cannot divulge anything at the moment. Nevertheless, we hope that it will not be too long before you can reveal all!

As always you can rely on our support in whatever you are doing. Hope we hear everything soon!
Yes thankyou, we have enjoyed the lovely summer weather. Today not a good example though!!

Our love to you, Rosie, Sam and Jamie,
Hope you all have had a good Summer too?

Wendy and Alan

Posted by Wendy and Alan • Aug 24, 11:39 PM

Hi Robert,

I am always laughing about the things I see in the sitcom’My Family’. Its just marvelous. Last year I got BBC Entertainment on my Tely and I saw you and the other characters of ‘My Family’, and became a big fan of it, its just wonderful.
I am an artist in the Netherlands and I had a few strokes to endure, so it was just wonderful that I could look to this series in my recoveryperiod Unfornately I am disabled now.The best from Groningen in the Netherlands

Posted by johan van der dong • Aug 1, 04:09 AM

Hi Robert Just a big thank You for being so friendly with My grandson and Girlfriend outside The Louvre in Paris on Friday 12th. You made a big impression and from Jack and Hayley as well as Myself again Thank You Your a Gentleman for taking the time to talk to them on there first trip abroad on their own.

Posted by Keith • Jul 14, 08:36 PM

Hi Robert! ~ Just wanted to say my husband and I enjoy watching you Zoe and the other great actors/ actresses on My Family. We are lucky to have it on here every Sunday night on PBS in Milwaukee.Thanks very much for making us laugh! Best wishes to you and your family from 2 fans in Wisconsin USA. <3

Posted by Mrs. Kim Berry • Jul 9, 07:29 AM

When I was 19 I was on a college trip to London (from USA)and saw you in the Wyndham’s Theatre production of Godspell. I have just found the theatre program in an old scrapbook. On that particular evening (01/22/74), you played the part of Brutus. How excited I am to have seen an early performance of such a brilliant and successful actor!

Posted by Maryann Papero • Jul 8, 01:27 PM

Hi Robert,

I have loved your work since watching Citizen Smith with my parents when it was originally aired (in Granadaland), but will always remember being totally blown away by your performance in Hamlet at the Manchester Royal Exchange – in the round, which was AWESOME – my first experience of ‘real’ theatre. I was prompted to this site when I came across ‘nightingales’ on Youtube – simply one of the funniest and most surreal comedies EVER – I’m just about to introduce our daughter to it, after listening to me and her father regularly singing “ain’t nobody here but us chickens”…!
Thank you for the enjoyment you have given….

Posted by Tracy Tuschling • Jun 17, 02:10 PM

Hi Robert,
Just got back from Hay having been with you yesterday evening. You were superb, revealing and inspiring giving us all an insight into being you and the background to being within the spotlight of the ‘entertainment world’. I have watched your progress from Wolfie on and always enjoyed your performances throughout.
Please keep on with both making us smile and with the excellent theatre work you do.
thank you Robert from all the people that admire and enjoy your works

Posted by Tony Denman • Jun 3, 03:13 AM

Dear Robert

We did enjoy watching you host ‘HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU ‘ last Friday.
We do hope that you will host the programme again sometime .

As always, we continue to follow your career and wonderful talent with great interest, and hope to see you soon on either a tv series or a stage production.
Keep well, and busy!
Wendy and Alan

Posted by Wendy and Alan • May 23, 06:38 AM

Mr. Lindsay,
I wanted to say after seeing some of your movies and your comedy series, My Family, we are truly entertained by your acting. Nothing would please us more to see you in another comedy series.

Posted by Richard Harris • May 17, 02:41 AM

My dear Robert!
Yiepee, friday, we’re going to France. Your book arrived today. Just in time to take him with me. I’m going read him with pleasier by a good glass of wine, hoping in the sun. That will be heaven.

Posted by Angeline Steurbaut • May 16, 05:41 AM

HelloI love your show “My Family”, I look at all the seasons over and over again! I just can not get enough of British humor! Really great! Leave greetings from Germany! Stay healthy! Keep it up ..

Posted by Andreas • May 2, 06:08 AM

Dear Robert
even though English is not my mother tongue, I really love the way you play your roles.You are a true artist and my most favorite actor, sir. I really love you. GOD BLESS YOU.

Posted by EHSAN from Persia • Apr 27, 08:54 PM

Hello Robert!
I knew you as a good comic actor. But I wasn’t a fan. Now after seeing you playing in Hornblower I feld like a block for you. What a good actor you are. You playing with your eyes, expressions on your face, your voice so brilliant. Since then I am a fan and I collect. I found even old articles at the attic. I didn’t found yet “My family” in Ghent Belguim. I’m not at the of my search. If it need to be I ‘ll let them bring out from UK by English friends who lives in France and they return regular to the Uk, when I’m on holiday.
Best wishes xxx Angeline

Posted by Angeline Steurbaut • Apr 17, 06:53 AM

I am a ritired U.S. Marine Corps officer and just wish to say I am I true fan of your acting with the heart and soul to putinto every moment on screen.
I can only only hope I was a good an officer as you played in the Hornblower films.
Semper Fiodelis
Colonel Gregory Pischea’ USMC Ret.
ps~I’m proud to say I served with the Royal Marine on many duty assignment in the UK.

Posted by Gregory Pischea' • Jan 16, 09:28 PM

You are a real treasure to me and my little life. I remember Wolfie Smith and still watch the My Family repeats. Great comic timing, you have your own way and have got funnier. Thank you for being an actor and sharing your work and talent with the world x

Posted by Amanda • Jan 9, 03:24 AM

Watching ‘GBH’ for the first time in 20 years. It was brilliant in 91, it’s still brilliant now.

Posted by Lynn McAlister • Nov 11, 08:47 AM

Absolutely fabulous !! Love your sense of humour and your acting in My Family with Zoe.. omg!! I have laughed from beginning to end.. can’t wait to see you with Nicole Kidman.. What a treat you will be for her to act with.If you carry any of that into real life, I wish you were my husband.

Posted by Irene Folz • Nov 6, 06:29 AM

Hi Harry,

The first time in my life I saw you was a couple of months since I am here in Denmark. “My Family” the title usually shows in Danish.

I am from Belize, Central Amnerica and I have never seen you on any of the TV programmes that are shown there. Anyway, from the first time I saw “My Family” I was so taken up with you. Your performance is so GREAT. I would not mind seeing more movies with you. From the pictures on this site you surely are very handsome (I know your wife agrees with me)

I am always happy when I knbow that actors or people who can afford it would put their money to good use by helping organizations who need the help

Keep up the good work becasue I love to read about actors or actresses who has no bad reports about them in their lives. I not saying we are all so good but I do like what I read about your life too. Please keep it that way. God bless you and your family always.

Posted by Marjorie Bernard • Oct 20, 02:56 AM

Dear Robert
We are so thrilled, as you must also be, that you have the opportunity to relive your role as Aristotle Onassis in the new film that you are working on in the South of France – Grace of Monaco.
This role we saw you in twice at the Novello theatre in London, and once in Chichester. This part complements your wonderful acting talents so well! Continue to enjoy filming, and we look forward to watching the first episode of SPY this evening on SKY!
Hoping that we may have an opportunity to have a chat with you again soon. Love to Rosie and your lovely sons too.
Shalom and love
Wendy and Alan

Posted by Wendy and Alan Williams • Oct 19, 05:07 PM

Dear Robert,
I hope you do not mind me using your first name, but after 11 seasons of My Family, you are very familiar to me. I watched all of the seasons in one go and now I am square-eyed, but also glad that I spent the money on buying the DVDs.
Thank you.

Posted by Gisela • Aug 22, 06:35 PM

Hi there Robert, Have been a great fan since first seeing Citizen Smith in the 70’s. Let’s face it – how many TV shows would feature Tooting! I lived there then during the obligatory European trip that a lot of Aussies embarked upon in those days. I thought you might have the time and inclination to check out my blog and book about a recent visit to England.!
All the best with Letting Go – will get a copy next time I’m out. I hope this finds you and yours well and happy.

Best wishes

Posted by brissie maz • Aug 12, 02:35 PM

hello robert, you was fantastic in nightingales you played mr carter. i loved this sitcom and got it on dvd do you remember the episode where you all sing if somebody says your name? you sang strangers in the night mr bell sang ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts! did you have a lot of fun making that episode ?

Posted by barry clitheroe • Jul 30, 01:08 AM

I have to say I have seen Hornblower and own the first 4 seasons of My Family on DVD. I would own them all but those are the only ones released in the US. In my house, they are family favorites. I am a teacher and have even shared my enthusiasm for My Family with my students. As a fan, I just want to say thanks for the laughs. As a collector, I want to add, if you have any influence over it, put in a good word for US releases.

Posted by Robyn • Jul 27, 02:45 PM


Posted by Lisa • Jun 9, 01:38 AM

Greetings from Riverside, California! I am very excited to be able to drop you a brief note. I am a latecomer to your acting talents. My 14 year old twin daughters and I have been watching the Hornblower series and we were captured by the character of Capt. Sir Edward Pellew. I am currently trying to catch up with the other works you have done. Please forgive me, I dont watch much tv but that is going to change. I have missed too much of your acting talent (and ruggedly handsome face)and I am looking forward to seeing more of you. I hope this note finds you and your family in good health and in good spirits. Thanks for reading this, Mr. Lindsay and keep up the outstanding work.

Posted by christina graham • Jun 1, 03:36 AM

I should have written sooner. I have enjoyed the Hornblower series for a long time. You play the part of Capt. Pellew soooooo well. I look forward to seeing your handsome face again as soon as I can locate more of your great works of talent. Toodle-ooo from Riverside, California.

Posted by christina graham • May 27, 07:25 AM

Hi, Just ‘discovered’ Citizen Smith, I must have been a teenager when it first aired, but living in Belgium I cannot recall ever have seen it. Sure thought I had seen that face before:) Gladly these series is on dvd, great playing, great writing (I ‘discovered’ the series trough Only Fools & Horses, John Sullivan), and now cannot wait to discover more of Robert Lindsay’s acting career. It feels even better knowing that Robert’s personal ideas on politics share a common interest as Wolfie’s, and John Sullivan’s I guess, and mine:) Thanks for the fuin of it, guess I’ll have to dig into Roberts books as well, great: !!!

Posted by gunter segers • May 11, 11:58 PM

Robert, I have to say, I first saw you recently in “Horatio Hornblower” for the first time. I instantly was taken by your powerful eyes! Your wife is so fortunate to wake up to those eyes each morning!!
Be well, stay sweet………
Your lady in dreams!

Posted by Sue • May 11, 03:26 AM

Dear Robert
We hope that you and your family are well.
As we frequently go on to your website we see that you do not appear to have anything in the pipeline at the moment.
As you know we are both great supporters of your work and wonderful talent, and came to see you and Joanna Lumley in ‘The Lion in Winter’ twice,also ‘Onassis’ three times! As well as ‘Aristo’ in Chichester! As you see we we thoroughly enjoy all your work!
Just wondered what you will be peforming in next, and when you will be writing another letter to your supporters on your website? We will look forward to reading this.
We keep in touch with Anna, your PA too.
Looking forward to a few theatre visit in the not too distance future we hope?!
With love and see you soon.
Wendy and Alan

Posted by Wendy and Alan Williams • May 8, 12:31 AM

Thank you for an outstanding show, with my family. On the hard days we put on the DVD and without fail we laugh again. It should be prescribed by doctors. We have almost every session and tell everyone about the show. A HUGE THANK YOU from western australia.
Best wishes to all cast and crew And thanks for a brilliant performance and just hope and wish you have a come back 1 day…
Best regards from
Maxine + family xx

Posted by Maxine • May 5, 04:56 PM

Mother and I have just watched the first Jericho dvd. Please sir, I want some more.

Posted by Diane • Apr 8, 10:34 PM

Huge fan of your work! So sad My Family is finished.

Thought you might want to know you’ve been nominated in West End Theatre Frame Blog’s poll. You can vote here:

Posted by Jack Smith • Apr 3, 05:56 PM

Hi Robert,

I just watched “Who do you think you are” which I believe was recorded in 2006. I generally do not put on TV through the day but was tired and channel surfed a little. I saw this series was about you. I did not really watch it because it was about you, just because I rather like the show. Well it was fascinating. It was clearly a moving and emotional journey for you learning things about your family and very interesting to watch.
Kind regards’
Mandi (Australia)

Posted by Mandi • Mar 29, 11:18 AM

Robert Lindsay is the kind of actor script writers dream of. Especially comedy script writers. Talk about a safe pair of hands…

Posted by Alex de Suys • Mar 26, 10:07 PM

I really liked you in Friends & Crocodiles.

Posted by Jenny • Mar 14, 03:33 AM

Dear Mr Lindsay,

Just wanted to say how much I love all your work – I first saw you as Wolfie in Citizen Smith and I have enjoyed every other role I have seen you in since.

I hope to continue seeing you on our screens and on stage.

Best Wishes Always,
Liz <3

Posted by Liz • Mar 12, 06:51 PM

Hi Robert, I’m 15, I come from Germany and I’m a huge fan of yours!!!
I really like the character of Sir Edward Pellew, you are playing in Hornblower and I think you are a great actor, especially in history films.

Posted by Anna • Jan 26, 03:20 AM

Yesterday I got an unexpected call up to London as an emergency stand-in for a meeting. This evening I spent the time after the meeting watching Robert Lindsay in The Lion In Winter from the middle of the stalls. Happy days…

Posted by Adam Killeya • Jan 24, 07:46 AM

Dear Mr Lindsay,

I came to London at the beginning of December to see “The Lion in Winter” and had such a wonderful time that I have decided to come back for the last performance on 28 January.

I discovered your work a few years back, watching “Hornblower” and have now seen quite a few shows/plays/movies (adored “GBH”, laughed throuhgout “Nightingales”, was delighted by “Jericho”, loved “Citizen Smith” and – of course – “My family” and so on).

I humbly believe that you are one of the most versatile and gifted actors of our time and I do hope you will be offered many more roles worthy of your talent and keep us entertained for many more years to come.

Thank you for all the joy, laughs and tears.

Chapeau bas, monsieur l’Artiste :-)

Posted by Véronique • Jan 18, 07:57 PM

Hi Robert
I am a huge fan of yours, have been since I saw you perform in Me and My girl many years ago.
I now have a talented daughter (others opinions, in the industry) who is desperate to make a living in Musical Theatre ideally or acting. I wondered if one of your children were keen,what advice
would you give them and where would you send
them at the age of 16 to train especially if money
Was an issue.

Posted by Angela retberg • Jan 5, 05:44 AM

hello from austria!
i ve got the dvd box from my family and i have to say: ben harper made my day!
its such a genius performance!
have a great 2012 hope to catch you up in london soon

Posted by martin • Jan 2, 07:45 AM

Dear Robert!

I wish you and your wife




In Love

Posted by Sandra Otte • Dec 31, 03:26 PM

I reviewed Robert’s performance in TALE OF TWO CITIES by #CharlesDickens on #BBCRadio4 #RadioDrama Reviews #BBCiPlayer till 6 Jan. Any feedback would be most welcome!!

Posted by Laurence Raw • Dec 28, 09:26 PM

Have just seen you in The Lion in Winter..Fabulous performance and a fantastic evening Thankyou and thanks to your co-stars

Posted by Barry Franks • Dec 25, 04:10 AM

Dear Robert, Rosemarie, Sam and Jamie

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New year.

Hoping that ‘The Lion In Winter’ continues to play to packed audiences, and that Henry II enjoys his Christmas break which he so much deserves!!

We hope to come and see the play again before the end of its run in January.

Enjoy your Christmas and Have fun.
Wendy and Alan

Posted by Wendy and Alan Williams • Dec 23, 01:17 PM

Dear Robert

Have a wonderful Birthday today. We hope that you will be able to enjoy some time with your family before heading off to the Haymarket Theatre this evening. Take care. With lots of love from Wendy and Alan

Posted by Wendy and Alan Williams • Dec 13, 03:23 PM

My dearest Robert,

have a wonderful Birthay, enjoy yourself, good health and lots of professional success!!!


From Sandy…
with love and admiration♥

Posted by Sandra • Dec 13, 01:38 PM

Happy Birthday, Robert! I’m looking forward to seeing the Lion in Winter in January.


Posted by Liz McIntosh • Dec 13, 12:26 PM

Dear Robert,

Came to see you at the Haymarket last night. Stonking stuff! Thanks so much, for a great performance. So much sparky chemistry between you and Joanna Lumley (isn’t she majestic?) I was so excited to see that you would be starring in this play; I love this period of history, I love this dialogue and Trevor Nunn – of course – is a total legend. My Mum got me the tickets for Christmas. She lives abroad so it’s special for us that she can send me to shows she wants to see. This was especially good as even though she’s in her 50s and I’m in my 20s we both love you to bits.


Posted by Rebecca • Dec 6, 09:38 PM


Wonderful performance in Hornblower. Although focused upon Ioan’s seafaring exploits, the immediate coordination is your focused performance as Pellew. You manage authority and humanity in a most engaging manner. I write this as I watch yet another stored episode.

Well done.

BTW, I was brought up on C Smith.

Posted by Mike Pepper • Nov 21, 07:05 AM

Dear Mr. Lindsay….you are one of my top five English actors and I love everything you do. I loved ‘Becket’ and ‘Onassis’ both of which I saw in London. I am looking forward to ‘Lion in Winter’ which I will see on my way back from L.A. at the end of November. I enjoyed ‘My family’ very much but, I would love to see you in another tv drama as good as..‘GBH’. It was wonderful. Loved your book. God bless you and your real family.

Posted by June Robertson • Oct 21, 11:05 PM

Loved Spy, great timing, looking forward to more, x

Posted by Stef • Oct 15, 07:35 AM

At the tender age of 57, I have discovered that I am infected with that “performance bug” which I suspect was always there.
Before reading my Stanislavki collection, I picked up a copy of your book since I knew that you, like me, are a Derbyshire lad.
Firstly, may I say that I thoroughly enjoyed the read and I can identify many parallels in our lives.
The one question that intrigues me is; how is it possible, when one has led a life totally devoted to acting, and having been surrounded most of the time by acting professionals, can one stay “in touch” with real life? This is probably the reason your talent has taken you so far.
From one ex sh*t shoveler to another, I salute you Sir.

Posted by Pip Price • Sep 15, 08:39 PM

Sat by you at the Ahmanson this eve. In some part it is because of you that I have a proper career in the theatre. 26 yrs ago I saw you at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion in Me and My Girl and that was that! Fab!
Gina Farina

Posted by Gina Farina • Feb 4, 03:30 PM

Hello Robert
My husband (Trevor) and I are watching a re-run of “My Family” here on the ABC in Australia. It’s been required viewing whenever broadcast for us as we love the writing and acting, particularly your interaction with Zoe Wannamaker. To say we laugh ourselves hoarse is an understatement.
I’ve been a fan of your Shakespearean acting for years and it’s a great privilege to be able to tell you directly how much we appreciate your work.
Bonza mate!

Trevor & Theresa

Posted by Theresa Hackett • Jan 12, 03:23 PM

Dear Robert

We went to see the afternoon performance of Onassis yesterday. I LOVED the play, you totally captured the character and spirit of Onassis-a truly remarkable performance. I wish I could see it again!

Thank you for a thproughly enojoyable afternoon at the theatre.


Posted by Margaret • Jan 9, 02:10 PM

Hi Robert,
I am from Sri Lanka and you may be surprised to hear you are popular here like so many Brit actors and actresses. I have collected the entire series of ‘My Family’ on dvd and we have watched these many times over. My boys, 13, 11 and 8 enjoy this show immensely and even repeat the jokes. I hope you continue to work for many more years and do visit Sri Lanka and hopefully conduct a comedy workshop for the benefit of stage actors (drama society)of Sri Lanka.

Posted by Tony Perera • Jan 9, 12:41 AM

A friend was very keen to see the play Onassis, at the time I had very little interest but went along to keep her company. I was very pleasantly surprised with such a brilliant production and your presence on the stage was riveting, thank you for a great experience I will be looking out for your next performance x

Posted by Shirley • Jan 7, 08:36 PM

Hi Robert

Really enjoyed your performance as Aristotle Onassis yesterday at the Novello.

Best wishes for 2011.

Toni K

Posted by Toni k • Jan 1, 09:49 AM


Dear Robert, I wish you a happy and healthy 2011!!!!

I kiss and I hug you

Greetings from Germany

In love

Posted by Sandra Otte • Jan 1, 06:32 AM

Dear Robert,

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!! I think of you.

Greetings from Germany

In love

Posted by Sandra Otte • Dec 25, 01:39 AM

Dear Robert, Rosemarie, Sam and Jamie
We wish you all a Merry and Joyful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2011.

Alan and I are so delighted that you have had such a successful run Robert in ‘ONASSIS’, both in your home town of Derby and in London which we have enjoyed. So- much-so, we are coming to see your wonderful performance again early in January! We shall look forward to joining in the standing ovation again at the end, which you so very much deserve.
Have a well-earned rest over the Christmas holidays.
Love to you all
Wendy and Alan

Posted by WENDY WILLIAMS • Dec 22, 07:33 PM

Dear Robert
Have just read a “critique” of Onassis by The Telegraph critic placing it in his “Oscar Awards” worst 5 plays of the year.
I can’t believe he was writing about the same play my wife and I saw last week at the Novello.We thought it was wonderful.
We thoroughly enjoyed the “story”, the musical sketches and the acting performances,particularly your own masterful portrayal of Onassis
The performance we attended received a most enthusiatic ovation at the end so I hope you and the rest of the cast will be encouraged more by this rather than one particular critic’s view.
Thankyou for a magical evening.

Posted by Eric • Dec 22, 01:55 AM

Dear Robert Lindsay, Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, and express my appreciation for all you fine work. Especially liked your performance as Sir Edward Pellew in the Hornblower series. All the best to you in your future projects, and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family. Regards from Canada,
Patricia Gonzalez

Posted by Patricia Gonzalez • Dec 14, 09:40 AM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY……my sexy sixty…!!! Stay healthy and have a great day!!!

I kiss and I hug you

Greetings from Germany

Posted by Sandra Otte • Dec 14, 12:16 AM

Dear Robert,
happy birthday by your groupie from Czech.

Posted by Jindra • Dec 13, 04:55 AM

Hi Robert, hope this finds you well. I loved watching you in Citizen Smith and simply adore watching you in My Family. It is a real belly laugh and makes us able to look at ourselves a little less seriously! I love the looks that you give one another and the pause which lasts a second longer than it should when giving an answer! Or the looks on your faces that you all pull. My Dad, actor Ted Webster, loved watching you in Citizen Smith. Dad is now in australia, sadly with Alzheimers. He worked alongside Richard O’Sullivan. Please thank all the cast -you are all brilliant! Take care.

Posted by Diane Forth-Eglon • Dec 7, 12:36 AM

Hello, Robert. My birthday present last week from my wife was tickets for Onassis which we went to see last Saturday. I would just like to say it was a great show that we both thoroughly enjoyed! We both hopefully look forward to seeing you again soon on stage.
All the best and have a great Christmas!

Posted by Steven Hargreaves • Nov 29, 11:07 PM

I just want to say how much I enjoy your perfromances in My Family, and being a middle aged man myself, I can really relate to the ‘family’ issues you encounter. Just started to read ‘Letting Go’ and am finding it hard to put down! I felt compelled to write having discovered that your father landed at Aromanches as my late father was also there as a young seaman. (I am proud to say he earned the DSM that day for rescuing comrades under fire). Thanks again for your excellent perfomances

Posted by Steve Ward • Nov 27, 03:31 AM

Dear Robert,
I will always remember your impressive performance in a television drama about 20 years ago, in which you played a rather rebellious butler in a northern household. The daughter of the house, played by Lindsey Baxter, decided to groom you to become a gentleman. It was rather like a male version of “Pygmalion”. I wonder if you could remind me of the title of the play and let me know if it is available on DVD.
Thank you for your exceptional work and contributions to charity.

Sonia Schmid

Posted by Sonia Schmid • Nov 22, 01:22 AM

I managed to see Onassis today, and your performance was outstanding. You do truly seem at home on the stage. I am emigrating to Australia on Sunday so it is unlikely i will get to see you on the stage again. Unless you head down under ??

I look forward to seeing what you next project will be stage or screen. keep up the good work x

Posted by emma • Nov 18, 03:47 AM

Hi, Robert.

I saw Onassis in both Derby and London, and thought it was wonderful. Thank you for signing the programme in the stage door on a very rainy night.

All the best for the rest of the run.


Posted by Elizabeth McIntosh • Nov 7, 08:25 AM

Hello Robert you have been around a lot. Your very good in the BBC sitcom My Family, Drama Hornblower & other things. As Ben harper you must be the one who does all the work in the TV Comedy. You in my family are one of the best people. That you star with Zoë Wanamaker in the comedy. You as a father in real life with your wife and children. In your family life you must get on well with other people.

Posted by Josh • Nov 6, 11:43 PM

I can’t believe it, I think I may have walked right past you in Covent Garden on Thursday 4th November, at around 4pm. I looked right at you and you looked right at me, and for a moment I thought is it, isn’t it. But my colleague had to get the train, so I didn’t come after you with a pen and paper or my phone to take a picture. My kids are bitterly disappointed with me, as we all love your character in My Family and are all huge fans of yours. What a missed opportunity – maybe next time x

Posted by Dawn Jackson • Nov 6, 04:10 PM

You are a wonder! I was absolutely mesmerised by your performance in Onassis last night. All four of us were absolutely transported! What a great talent you are! CONGRATULATIONS to you!

Posted by Anne Prevost • Oct 28, 05:13 PM

Hi Robert. Today was the first time that I actually saw you on the big screen(My family), whilst at home recovering from an injury. As soon as I finished watching it I googled your name to find out more about you. You are great, I am already your big fun. You made me laugh and think of my life as it used to be or perhaps how I wanted it to be.All the best for you.You are brilliant. from a brazilian in London.

Posted by Eustaquio Neto • Oct 23, 03:36 AM

Hi, Robert!
Fell in love with your “Benedick” way back in the day; you just keep getting better (and handsomer.)

Just found you on Twitter, and signed on to follow you, even though you haven’t posted there in nearly two years. Still, I’m ready….

Posted by Dori Davis • Oct 23, 01:06 AM

Hi Robert
My husband set me up when we went to see Me and my girl and said he had arranged for us to meet (as he was fireman at The Mousetrap) I even had my hair done but he was joking and I was very disappointed. You passed me in the street last night on your way to the Theatre at 5.30 but I didn’t like to speak to you in case it was an intrusion on your privacy, but you made my day anyway.

Posted by Sue • Oct 14, 06:04 PM

Hi Robert
Many thanks for the returned signed tickets and the extra surprise of signed photos. Thank you for finding the time in your busy schedule to reply to someone who has followed your career for many years, along with her husband, and will continue to do so and encourage their daughter to do the same. Best Wishes from the Stones’ family. (Power to the people Foxy!!-LOL)

Posted by Jessica Stones • Oct 9, 05:36 AM

I’ve been a fan for years but if I had to pick my absolute favourite acting of all time it is Robert as Fagin, in the TV version of Oliver, in prison towards the end, and he is afraid of his imminent execution, and is losing his mind. Tremendous. My favourite funny scene, GBH, Robert’s character Michael Murray running scared from his wife in the hotel. Both these scenes leave me in tears for different reasons. What a performer!

Posted by Gaynor • Oct 3, 05:42 AM

Hi there,
Thank you very much for coming home to Derby. Onassis was outstanding. You along with the rest of the cast fully deserved the standing ovation. I am still buzzing. Will start saving to come and watch it again in London. Derby folk will wish you all the very best. (As us lot say eee by eck the lad done good!) We (Derby folk) certainly appreciated you chosing Derby. Our theatre although small has brilliant acustics with an air of intimacy I love it. Selling out every night must have been a great feeling for you all. Good luck in the West End. Please think about coming home more often.

Posted by Jadz • Oct 2, 07:09 AM

Dear supporters and readers of Robert’s remarkable talent.
We were fortunate enough to attend the preview of ‘Onassis’ at the Novello Theatre in London last evening.
WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND that anyone who is able to see this play should definitely do so!
We were fortunate enough to see the play at the Chichester Theatre two years ago under the different title of ‘Aristo’. That was a brilliant production too!
The London play has been revamped but still has the brilliant acting of Robert portraying Aristotle Onassis, with a wonderful supporting cast. The play has much sensitivity, humour,and the typical aggression of Onassis’character throughout. The set is magnificent too!
We wish this production a successful ‘run’, which Robert and his co-actors deserve so very much.

Alan and Wendy Salter Williams

Posted by Wendy Salter-Williams • Oct 1, 07:19 PM

Came to see you in Onassis at Derby Theatre on Sat 25, took mum in law and mum had a fab time, such a shame we were told to wait at the wrong stage door would have loved you to sign your book for my mum, hopefully will get it signed at waterstones in Derby thanks again for such a fantasic night.

Posted by Judy Birch • Sep 28, 03:52 AM

Have returned from watching Onassis this afternoon at Derby Theatre…. all I can say is wow, fantastic. I took my dad as a birthday treat and what a treat it was. Standing ovation at the end and we were quite emotional coming out of the theatre! Quite brilliant and I’m so glad we managed to get tickets. Thank you for coming to Derby. :-) x

Posted by Kirsty M • Sep 26, 03:50 AM

Just tried to get tickets to see Robert in Onassis here in Derby but alas all sold out!
I used to own a health club in Tenerife (83 – 93)and an American Elvis impersonator, popular in the resort, called ‘Liberty Mountain’proudly gave me a video of a film he appeared in with Robert – ‘Whatever Happened to …..’ I think?
The film was dank but the immense, versatile talent of Robert Lindsay shone through. Needless to say I am disappointed I could not buy a ticket. Good luck Mr Lindsay and thank you for the entertainment.
Ken Miller RN

Posted by ken miller • Sep 23, 09:41 PM

I have watched the Hornblower series and just amazed at how well you play Admiral Pellew. I watch the series every year it was that good. I hope some day to cross paths with you. Hopefully you will come to Broadway again. I live in Philly and go to the shows there. I bought your book with your signature. Not till Hornblower did I know how great an actor you were. Best of luck in the future and continue on with the shows. Steve

Posted by steve Daley • Sep 23, 09:27 AM

Hi i saw you to night at the derby play house you were amazing as onassis, where we unfortuntly missed you to get an autograph. + I remember you in the tv shows, my family, siticen smith. Have just read a few comments on the book and will have to get it. Thanks for a great night.

Posted by Ali Stevens • Sep 21, 09:09 AM

I have watched your “Who do you think you are programme” 6 times – followed it all over the television stations.

My own grandfather was there, his ship was the Cornwallis.

Any chance of you dropping me a line about this?

Marj Bennett

Posted by Marj Bennett • Sep 19, 10:40 PM

Saw Onassis last night at derby playhouse, absolutely 1st class. Even though i was suffering gyp from toothache it was 2 1/2 hrs of wonder, an absolutely brill performance. Many thanks to you and the rest of the cast for an unforgetable and memorable evening, best of luck when it goes to west end. Power to the people

Posted by Kev Collins • Sep 19, 09:01 PM

Hi Robert, just wanted to let you know that the book is great! I read it to my children to send them to sleep at night, i’m on my 4th reading of the book already. Its the best thing I’ve read since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Good luck with future endeavours!

Yours warmly,

Posted by Chris Pelletgun • Sep 17, 11:57 AM

Just read your wonderful book, so honest must have been hard to write. Have followed your career since 1973, I will miss watching you on Friday night been such a major part of our lives for so long. I wish you and your beautiful family love, health and happiness. you are truly a British institution, I hope one day you will be officially recognised. I met you once very briefly Syd and my son went to school in Chiswick. Continued success in all you do. x

Posted by Sue Selfe • Sep 15, 09:22 PM

I saw a preview of Onassis at Deby Theatre yesterday. Absolutely brilliant, brilliant, fantastic!!!! The best show I have ever seen – (and I’m 53 years old – but it was worth the wait). It’s entertaining, witty, stylish, wonderful scenery effects and I love the lighting – sparkles of reflected water & mythological skies, beautiful & atmospheric. I felt as though I was right there in the Med. If you’ve got a ticket you’re in for a treat.

Posted by Sarah Morgan • Sep 13, 12:31 AM

Just want to say that I have enjoyed your performance in Onassis at Derby Theatre. I work at the theatre, and I came to see the show on the 9th, 10th and 11th September. I am also coming to see it again on the 15th and 21st September.

Good luck with the rest of it and I shall see you soon.

Posted by Craig Palmer • Sep 12, 07:48 PM

Just back from watching you and the cast perform Martin Shermans Onassis at Derby Theatre. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon thank you all so much and would just like to wish you all the very best as you head onwards to certain victory in Westend.

Posted by Annette Milligan • Sep 12, 05:06 AM

Hello Robert

Last night I whatched you on stage in the lead roll in Onassis 9th Sepember 2010. First of all I would like to thank you for bringing it to Derby and Also could you please pass on my congratulations to the rest of the cast and crew for working so hard and making it one of the beat nights I have had in a long time really enjoied the show. I wish you could play the compliment back and whach me as i am playing the part of Robert in an amature production of Rebbecca between the 29th september and 2nd October 2010 which will be my acting debute sorry about spelling I have dyslexia anyway If your not too busy I would love it if you were to come the theatre is the venture theatre in ashby de la zuche

Posted by james hodgkinson • Sep 11, 03:53 AM

Hi! I am a big fan of yours- have been for years. Is it possible to have an up to date signed photo please? :)

Posted by Claudia Bradford • Aug 19, 02:51 AM

Hello Robert, not sure if you ever get chance to read these comments but I just wanted to say that I have just finished reading your wonderful book over the weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very honest, reflective and full of funny observations. I have been a big fan of your since first watching you in G.B.H. I still watch that brilliant drama today along with Jake’s Progress. I also grew up on a northern council estate through the late 70s and 80s and now I live in Berkshire. Your insights and experiences are very thought provoking and has made me reflect on my own experiences from childhood. You are an amazing actor and I hope to watch you again in future theatre productions.

Posted by Steven Hargreaves • Aug 16, 05:43 PM

Will be looking to get your new book as I have been a fan since I saw you in “Me and My Girl” in 1985 – still the only drama program I’ve kept and I see LOTS of plays. One of my most amazing theater experiences. I wish I could be in London to see you in the new play. best wishes for its success.

Posted by Dru Dubuque • Aug 8, 03:00 PM

i recently wrote to you thanks for signing the book cover i am enjoying the book alot it is very interesting i am also enjoying the new series of my family

Posted by matt • Aug 8, 04:34 AM

Just returned from holiday where i read your book again it is a great read as
you feel you are there with you. IT;s funny how many things i could relate to. i was in the R.A.F. i am a Fulham fan i have 3 children. i had a imaginary friend. all in your book. so glad you are the star in My family

Posted by phillip allen • Jul 13, 12:00 AM

A wonderful start to series 10 Robert. Whoever said that this was the funniest series yet is absolutely right! IT must have taken a great deal of practice to whizz around in that wheelchair in such a professional way?! But then everything you undertake is performed with such perfection anyway! Am looking so forward to seeing the other eight weeks of ‘My Family’. May there be a series 11, in fact may it go on forever!!
Looking forward to Onassis too, in London.
Wendy and Alan

Posted by Wendy Salter-Williams • Jul 10, 05:49 AM

Looking forward to the new series of My Family starting tonight. Looks like the series has taken on a darker edge. Robert you and Zoe make a great on screen couple.

Posted by James Cotter • Jul 9, 08:07 PM

i love watching my family cant wait uintill the new series.ben is my fav character.good luck robert with the next series.

Posted by matt • Jun 30, 04:22 PM

Just wanted to say, I wish him the best of luck in all of his current projects, he has always been and will continue to be such an idol in terms of his success and achievements. He is such a joy to watch and even from Citizen Smith to Ben Harper in My Family, his ability to entertain and be loved by a very grateful british public has been never ending. Thank you for reminding us what real talent is.

Posted by Lorna • Jun 24, 08:34 AM

We Yanks don’t get much of Robert, but I still remember his fine Antonio in a much-lauded mounting of “The Changeling”, Riverside Studios, 1978. Am now enjoying “My Family” on DVD, and catching “Jericho” when aired here on PBS. Hoping to catch “Onassis” my next trip across the pond, this autumn.

Congratulations and thanks to Robert, for decades of very entertaining performances.

Posted by David • Jun 10, 09:40 AM

Hi Robert,

have a nice “world cup” time.My son(16)and my daughter(13)are very good footballer and so we see all the world cup on TV.My favourite finale:
Germany – England
Good luck for England
Good luck for Germany

And I wish you good luck for Onassis!!

Embrace you
Sandy from Germany

Posted by Sandra • Jun 9, 07:51 PM

I would like to wish Robert every success in his new play. I would loved to have seen it, but i am emigrating to Melbourne, Australia in October (Visa Pending) so will miss out unfortunately.

I will be however coming to the “Audience With” later this month, hopefully after a resounding England victory against Slovenia !!!!!!!

See you in Chester!

Emma x

Posted by emma • Jun 5, 02:01 AM

Heyy. I am 16 and I have just recently started to read ‘Letting Go’ – today in fact, and I am already half way through! I have read other autobiographies before, but I have never been so ‘linked’ with any other book like this. When I was reading through his journey of becoming a successful actor, it must have been the chapter where he was singing a song by Elvis Presley which made me smile: “You’re so young, and beautiful, and I love you so…”, but to the tune of Wooden Heart. This was a very warm moment for me, as my father, who died when I was 14, sang this to me when I was born. I had never heard Elvis sing this song, so I researched it, and there it was, and I tear came. Robert’s book is so wonderfully honest, and he is an amazing actor – he is a true inspiration.

Posted by Rachel Carine • Jun 2, 07:21 AM

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