As Ben Harper in BBC’s My Family

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Well done on the Christmas special, it must be hard to keep coming up with different stories every year, and after all it’s been 10 now! MF is as strong as ever, well done, maybe, just maybe S12 in 2012?? :-)
Steve & Tina. ‘MF old hands’ having been to 75+ recordings, adn thankyou for the strength you gave us after we lost our son in 2006

Posted by Steve Williams • Jan 17, 01:36 AM


In Love♥
Sandy from Bamberg/Germany

Posted by Sandra • Dec 23, 03:47 PM

Hi robert I love watching ‘My Family’ and think you and the whole cast are amazing! I have been to see it twice at teddington studios as it was so good as soon as we got hme i applied for tickets again!! I love coming to watch and last week you made me laugh because all you did between scences was sing xmas songs!! x

Posted by Alex Bull • Dec 21, 06:38 PM

hi robert i love the show good luck with any upcoming programs

Posted by matthew • Dec 20, 03:43 AM

Lieber Robert, ich wünsche dir alles,alles Liebe zu deinem Geburtstag!Bleib gesund und bleib wie du bist.Du bist ein toller Mann.
You´re very exciting and sexy for me!
Sandy from Bamberg/Germany

Posted by Sandra • Dec 13, 03:16 PM

Love your work in “My Family”. You`re brilliant on the show. The whole cast is amazing. I wish I was half as artistic and talented as you are. Keep it up. Going to check your other work.
Best wishes.
Rahul(22) from India

Posted by Rahul • Nov 28, 05:53 AM

oh Robert, your smile is so sweet and I love your sensual lips. I would like to kiss you! All day I only think about you and I wish you were here. I would like to meet you. Please write me back and make me happy!!
Love you
Sandy (42)from Bamberg/Germany

Posted by Sandra • Nov 24, 03:40 PM