Secrets from the Asylum

Posted 20 August 2014 by Anna

Following on from Secrets from the Clink, Robert narrates another two-parter beginning on ITV, Wednesday 20th August at 9pm.
Secrets from the Asylum follows several celebrities as they try to find out why their ancestors spent time within the asylum.

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Secrets from the Clink

Posted 15 August 2014 by Anna

Robert narrates this two-part documentary about crime and punishment in the nineteenth century, featuring the descendants of those who fell foul of the law and ended up doing time in Victorian prisons.

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The Paul O'Grady Show

Posted 30 April 2014 by Anna

Robert joins Paul O’Grady on Thursday 1st May at 5pm on ITV.

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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Posted 5 March 2014 by Anna

With great reviews in Manchester and Aylesbury, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels finally comes to the West End stage. See Robert Lindsay at the Savoy Theatre. Previews from Monday 10th March.

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The Jonathan Ross Show

Posted 22 January 2014 by Anna

Robert will be appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show with Rufus Hound on Saturday 25th January at 9.30pm, ITV1.

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